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Tutorials and Skills

In the past I have been looking at websites and thinking 'How do they do that?' or 'Wonder if I could re-create something like that.' and I decided that I should share my knowledge of what I have been able to do.

Below are sample instances and how to make them. Some of the files may need a PDF reader or you may not be able to open them. Most new and recent computers will have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed by default. If not, download the free software from www.adobe.com. Alternatively download the free and smaller Foxit PDF Reader only 1MB!

I may be able to show you examples that are around the internet that I find. There will be links below if I do.

Tutorial Name
Working Example

Simple ActionScript

Button (Flash 8)

Motion Tween (Flash 8)
Working Example

Drag'n'Drop (Flash 8)
Working Example