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Paul Boag is a serious podcaster/web enthusiast and he has made a podcast for all you budding web designers out there. He has Marcus Lillington (former 80's boy band member, Breathe) to help him out and keep him company! He is a founder of Headscape.

Mick O'Farrell created RedCloud years back and has now decided to move on and have Revolver-Creative as his new company.

Adobe is the main resource for all of your web design software needs. Formerly Macromedia owned Flash and now they have formed as one big company, releasing Flash Creative Suite etc...

Jamie Knight is a young website developer/designer. He has his plushie friend (Lion) with him at all times. Jamie has a lot of interesting things on his site and even his plushie has a website!!

Ryan Taylor is a developer who likes web standards, accessibility and usability. He can offer services ranging from logo design to content management.

CSS Zen Garden - The site that started the CSS revolution.

Unrelated (but classy) Sites

Adam Woodyatt is Eastenters' longest serving actor (since the start in 1985), and he is into photography in a big way.

Jason Bradbury is a cool gaming dude and loves social networking. He has written a book called Dot.Robot all about some kids saving the earth! He is also an original The Gadget Show (channel 5) host.

DSHeaven is my gaming website for DSGames/Wii games and you can get the app on the app store and see the Tweets at @DSHeaven.

Special Links

The place where I'll put special links...