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Ok so it’s a little bit long since I wrote for here… but I had a ‘I don’t have the foggiest idea what to write about’ moment, again!

Can you believe that on one given day in a street if you asked a bunch of people they wouldn’t know what a browser was?
Video 1: What people think a browser is – Youtube video 1
Video 2: What a browser is – Youtube video 2

There are a multitude of browsers on the web to download right now and new things are being added to them all the time. Some browsers, like Firefox, have add-ons which are little applications that you can use whilst you surf the web all by loading up your browser!

Anyway, with all this talk of browsers, I thought I would draw you to the new Google Chrome app store, which has apps for everything (sound familiar??)… Yup now Google have taken charge of their own app store right in the browser.

You can download social apps like Facebook and Twitter to update what you’re doing whilst checking up on the world, or if you are a gaming person or just want something to pass the time you can install games that work directly from a browser window. They have just added Angry Birds and there are ones for the spelling bee in you with word games but I want to review a few of the ones that may actually be useful to a web designer like yourselves…

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