2       Spam For Breakfast, Lunch and Tea

Anyone for a BLT?

Ah, only kidding. I am not giving away food nor even talking about the classic Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich, but I am talking about cyber blog-food… SPAM.

As I go through my blog comments this is what I have been reading:

a) I am definitely bookmarking this site and sharing it with my friends
b) Very outstanding site
c) The message here is genuinely important
d) I will invite my friends
e) I usually don’t post in blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work… beautiful
f) I am reading this article second time today
g) Keep up the good work
h) Look forward to read more from you in the future

Question is: Do I or do I not post them? I’d like to think that they were really thinking that my blog was amazing and had some genuinely important messages but I dont feel it is because the real people arent stepping forward…
I know spam means that it is usually bad, but at times like this when you see an excellent comment you want to post it because you like it when people like what you have said and understand your reasoning behind the article…

I’m not asking for sympathy or even a reason why this is happening. I think it is great my site is being found, but not if only by bots, droids, martians, dodos, daleks and anything else that is programmed by hackers etc. My blog is far from being a spam ground for the insects to feast on… It is however a haven for all the real people who wish to gain advice and knowledge on most easy to moderate web publishing/editing tools, and the tricks of the trade!

I have had this blog/site since July 2009 and I have had a mass of spam. Most of it being about things totally unrelated to this site. It has really annoyed me and I have enabled the necessary spam catcher, in my case Akismet, but not sure if I want to go the whole hog with a capture too. I would like something like I have seen on other blogs where there is a sum like 2+2 and you have to put 4 in the box… but would that turn posters away or would it make them feel safer because they knew the site was safe and capturing spammers?

I hope to have some ideas on this please, so feel free to comment. Bots comments of course will be EXTERMINATED!!


  1. Hi GC,

    nice post, as you know my articles attract quite a lot of attention – to the stage where a flaw in wp lead to it being hacked … the articles are now @ http://seoandy.com – anyway to my point because i’m not here to pimp my websites.

    I get between 1,200 and 1,700 comments a month … 99.99% are spam there are about 10 or 11 of those from real people. this annoys me but lets be honest it means i’m being found … add to that all the scrapers dancing around stealing the first sentence of my posts and linking and i see a little issue building.

    but i don’t want to stop these scrapers unlike most people i like the links and though about 50% are no follow its the other 50% i love and even the no follows bring visitors from time to time …

    exterminate the bots and botnets (like msft have today) and you will win.

  2. Well hopefully this comment found its way through!

    I get those spam comments, too. More so for Octane than the Blah, Blah! Technology blog, which seems be doing well in recent times, in terms of spam.

    Akismet usually does a very good job, but the odd genuine comment can slip through. Fortunately, the clues are in the comment name and email, which I scan read for false positives (i.e.: genuine comments).

    The problem with social media isn’t actually social media, but the people using it — we often choose different usernames and such, which makes it really hard to know friend from foe.

    So someone you may know on Twitter could have posted a comment, but since it’s under their real name (which you might not know), you delete it, thinking it’s spam.

    Ah well, life’s never easy, is it…

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