0       It’s Out There For Free… If You Look Hard Enough!

Free website building has been availiable for years and years since the web was born. Yahoo had their own package called Geocities as many may know and that has closed due to everybody mostly using the pay sites to make their own website.

I decided to go look at another free webs package from webs.com to see how free for all designing has changed and what you can expect from them. Will free website hosting completely disappear because of the lack of interest and wanting more options or will they continue to thrive into little online cities that govern themselves!?

When I made an account on Webs.com I was pleased at how easy it was to set up and get started adding things.

The things I like about it are:

  • Easy quick photo albums… no code to worry about
  • Ability to upgrade to a .com address if your site takes off well. (charges may incur straight away to your bank/building society)
  • Stats for website which is hosted by a company called Clicky.com and it even allows for Twitter search. You can easily opt out of this. But I wont be going into detail about that as it isn’t what I am focussing on…
  • Easy file uploader that can have multiple files sent in each upload… The files are shown in a nice clear way. In this website builder you can upload files by email which some free hosts will not allow… Even the free Geocities wouldnt let people connect using FTP!
  • The format for a free site on Webs.com is http://yoursitename.webs.com/. Personally I think that is rather good as on Geocities free it would be your email address as the url which is a pain in the neck as people can spam your email and you can end up on a black list. so format for that is http://youremailaddress/index.htm
  • Some Google account abilities from Google Webmaster.
  • Email notification for numerous things including guestbook comments and new site members.
  • WYSIWYG editing which is useful for people who can’t code in straight HTML.
  • Community Forum where topics surrounding your site can be discussed and evaluated by others….
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for adding your site to Google and Yahoo etc which helps to be found easier. Site linking and sharing are part of the deal.
  • Add social networks to your site so others can see what you are doing elsewhere: Twitter and Facebook integration. Members integration with Email Blasts so you can notify of new posts. Facebook Connect available.

Payments may incur when you decide the following:

  • Google Adwords and custom display ads with iPromote.
  • PayPal E-commerce (package details vary accordingly to what you have decided upon.)
  • There are premium packages for more webspace and tools. Domain names only available on the Enhanced and Pro accounts. Multi email addresses also.

As a free website maker the free tools that are available are quite advanced to what other free makers are. If you want the site forever then I’d suggest you pay to get premium benefits and ways to enhance your site.

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