0       Firefox 4 : Beta Great Kit!!

I have downloaded Firefox 4 Beta version 8 and I never really touched Beta’s before much as the problems with bugs they might encounter…

However I must say I love this new version.

I think that Mozilla have got the tabs in the correct place this time to allow for the new App Tabs, which are absolutely awesome must I say… I like it because you can have as many of these things as you like and you dont have to even install anything extra! What a great idea! App Tabs give you room for all your tabs so you dont have to close them to work on other sites which uses, yes you guessed it : more tabs! I think that this should have been in the 3rd version of Firefox because I am a very heavy Firefox user and working on a computer doing my daily routine of Twitter and Facebook and Email etc became IMPOSSIBLE when I also had several Youtubes and other interest sites up as well!!

All your bookmarks come in automatically which is great so you dont have to worry about importing them.

In this new version of Firefox you can group your tabs in relevance so you only see the items in that particular window at one time. For example if you had a load of Youtube videos that you wanted to watch and you had not got round to doing it you could group them and store them for later and continue working on other things without tab-clutter!
Managing them is easy: just drag the thumbnails in Panorama view to a free space in Firefox to make groups and then add more thumbnails to the groups by dragging thumbnails onto other thumbnails. Even make thumbnail space by drawing the box first! You can even name the groups so that you know what is in them.

However in this version there is no status bar and if like me you like to see how well the page is loading you can download add-ons for it. Firefox may change this in the future but until a proper 100% stable Firefox 4 comes I dont think we will see a change!

These are the some of the biggest and best changes to the browser to date with the option of it evolving into something even greater in later versions! Sadly it wont cook your dinner or sing to you yet, but I daresay Mozilla are working on that right now ! 😉

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