0       Adios Hotmail…

I am getting really annoyed at my hotmail friends accounts which keep on sending me spam emails…. so I urge now for people to use Google Mail (Gmail in the UK) for their Emails. Here’s why:

  • Users can create documents online and share them with friends
  • Users have a cleaner less hectic mail space (useful for businesses!)
  • Users can easily see and add people to their buddy lists
  • Users get less spam and more space (and counting.. (google says))
  • Great mobile access
  • Quick loading
  • Threaded conversations in Emails
  • Ability to have Youtube account linked to your mail
  • Google Buzz (Video of GBuzz)
  • Share photos and much more!
  • Save chat history online instead of on your PC…Also download a desktop client for chat if you want to!
  • Vacation responder – for people when they are away from a PC
  • Forwarding for emails (POP and IMAP)
  • and loads loads more!

So there is lots of different things to try out in GoogleMail so go and sign up, have a play and tell me I’m right!

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