2       Farewell Geocities

I have now had an E-mail to say that there is a month to go before the closure of Geocities, the Yahoo website creator.

I have been a loyal Geocities (fan?) for 3 years, updating my website and changing the look etc, but now it is time to put it to bed to rest.

I had my first ever site on Geocities and I’m in some way sad to see it go. Why?

– It was the first website I ever had up. Without Geocities I would not have got this site that you are looking at right now.
– Following on… Geocities was a great starter package for me to get to know what a web server does and how to make sites… I could experiment with it and change the layout as much as I wanted.
– I had a way I could show my friends and family what I was doing with my time and show them my skills and what sort of things I was into.
– I had not got the money for a real address.

But why not also say some bad things about it? Why not?

– I couldnt connect Geocities free to a FTP client which made it useless if I wanted to upload multiple files in one go. I would have to select the files each individually.
– There were adverts.
– There wasnt enough customisation room / space for me to go put up something really snazzy.
– Having my e-mail address in the url stopped me from sharing the website with The Whole World. Thus only close friends and family I could allow to view it.

There may be more things but anyway I enjoyed using Geocities and hope that it has changed some peoples lives in the way it did mine!


  1. Andy Kinsey says:

    I too started in Geocities well for my own sites, I had a few amateur table based sites before then… in some made form Geocities meant I didn’t use table and this made life easier when I started playing with CSS.

    It was only a year or two after I started there I move my backside to my own site… but before then I think I produced some good work up there, and this was in the time when emails were not up there it was just a username… I recall battling Google to put my andykinsey.com (now andykinsey.co.uk) above Geocities … a few months later it disappeared as did my only interest in Yahoo…

    I dont think I visited Yahoo very much again until some point last year when I was testing a few things out…

    My rant on Yahoo isn’t for here though.

  2. Paul Randall says:

    My first ever site was also on Geocities. I decided to transfer all the pages and files to another location to keep the site going (you can see it here: http://prandall.com/sites/paulsmini/ but don’t look at the code too much!)

    It was certainly a stepping stone to my career in the web, but I won’t be sad to see it go. Many of the sites hosted on Geocities were notoriously poor looking – all animated gifs and bright colours!

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