2       I Hate Clients, but Love ’em Too

Just a short post to demonstrate why I have trouble with clients and what they want. On the other hand this post also demonstrates why I love them and how it can make me a better web designer.

I may be able to ask questions and get answers but I think it is how they answer and communicate which can be the problem.

If they dont know exactly what you can do for them, help them by giving a mini CV of the sort of things that you can produce.

I had this sort of a problem with Rayna Disabled Rider where I knew what needed to be done but the client didnt seem to know what she wanted which made me uneasy. I had some people there to help me with it but if they were not there I’d have probably not taken the challenge very easily.

The other thing that annoys me is when little tweaks need to be made to a site and they assume I know exactly what they want in place and I dont unless they tell me.

I also love clients because they help others see what I am capable of and may help me to develop my already learned skills or even learn new ones!

So when you next book time (very precious) with a client, then use it to gain as much knowledge as you can about the task in hand. If you can then ask the same question a million different ways!


  1. Andy Kinsey says:

    clients clients clients… no comment 😉

  2. I find the easiest way to establish what the client is expecting when they are not very forthcoming, is before the initial meeting I research some of the competitors, list features that I think are strong or not, then go through this with the client.

    Quite often even if they don’t have a clear idea of what they want you can get a feel for what they are expecting to be standard features. Then I provide them with an overview of what was discussed and agreed on which they have to sign before I start any work.

    Unfortunately I haven’t found a completely fool proof solution but I find this goes along way to avoiding any misconceptions.

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